Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

The work of CSA is conducted mostly within committees, with each committee chair reporting to the board monthly.  We welcome all CSA members to join or participate in any committee that interests you, in any amount of time you have to give: you may attend committee meetings and participate in planning, or take part in specific tasks throughout the year.  Each committee meets 3-4 times a year (more often when planning specific events), at the home of a committee member.  To join or get more information, contact the committee chair at the email address provided.

No contribution of time is too small!  From an occasional email to the City Council in support of a specific issue, to an appearance at a City Planning meeting, to a four-hour park work event, to a year-long committee membership…  ANY amount of time you give will be appreciated, and will benefit CSA and the LGD – two hours, two days, or two weeks – every little bit helps!  We believe everyone has something to offer in our ongoing effort to improve life in the Lower Garden District.  Come work with us!


Blight & Zoning

CO-CHAIRS: Julie Simpson McClintock and Wayne Troyer

EMAIL: Julie at and Wayne at

INITIATIVES: work for positive zoning changes in the LGD  •  monitor proposed zoning changes brought before the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) and defend the interests of the LGD  •  monitor the Master Plan process that was given “force of law” by a charter change approved by New Orleans voters in November 2008  •  attend relevant planning meetings  •  coordinate the voice of the LGD in ongoing planning efforts •  identify and combat commercial and residential blight in the Lower Garden District through neighborhood outreach  •  liaison with the Historic District Landmarks Commission (demolition by neglect) and City Code Enforcement Department (blight and health code violations)

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Attend City Planning and/or BZA meetings, follow the Master Plan process and communicate with CSA and local leaders, assist in guiding new businesses that want to become established in the LGD…

For more information on the proposed master plan, go to  To see this committee’s activity so far, see the “News/Events” section of the CSA website. 

Click here to see the city’s official definition of blight.



CHAIR: Derek Brown


INITIATIVES: hold semi-annual park workdays  •  maintain the Coliseum Square fountain  •  fill dog bag dispensers around Coliseum Square  •  monitor trash can emptying by the city  •  work with Arts Council of New Orleans regarding a public art project for Coliseum Square

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Join the committee to help guide the care of our green spaces, participate in park workdays (planting, cleaning, pruning, painting, raking … visiting), do a weekly stint on the fountain maintenance team…


Police Relations/NONPAC

CHAIR: John Dubberley


INITIATIVES: represent the LGD at monthly 6th District NONPAC (New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council) meetings  •  host and promote Night Out Against Crime gathering for the LGD  •  plan and cook Mardi Gras Breakfast for 6th District officers  •  coordinate awards for police and firefighters to be given at the annual Christmas Party

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Attend monthly NONPAC meetings, submit Hot Sheets to this committee and/or to the 6th District, donate food or time to the Mardi Gras Breakfast event or Night Out Against Crime…

Click here to download the official Hot Sheet.





INITIATIVES: raise money to support the activities of CSA by hosting events and/or soliciting donations from private and commercial sources  •  seek out and write grants as appropriate

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Sell ads for the annual House Tour guide book, solicit raffle items, be creative and plan an event…



CHAIR:  Shelly Talbot


INITIATIVES promote and build the existing membership  •  analyze the current functioning of the marketing arm of CSA and develop new techniques as necessary  •  coordinate mailings, bulletins, posters and use of the logo to inform and maintain the membership  • manage membership drives at several events throughout the year

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Stuff envelopes, man information tables at community events, brainstorm about putting those events on…  We are always in need of promotion – every member of CSA can help by spreading the word, giving out fliers for events, and generally being spokespersons for the neighborhood.

To join the Coliseum Square Association, click here.



CHAIR:  Deborah Hinson


INITIATIVES: maintain and expand the website  •  oversee and facilitate effective communication with membership and the community at large  •  work to positively promote the organization

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Website maintenance and content development, email database maintenance, newsletter content/writing, general public relations…  Strong computer and writing skills are a plus!  A few specific needs for general participation (as a committee member or not) are:

o   photos for the Photo Gallery page – of the neighborhood, your house, neighborhood events, etc.

o    information for the History page – old newspaper or magazine articles, photographs, correspondence, newsletters, etc.

o   information for the Resources page – tradespeople (carpenters, painters, etc.), pet sitters, architects, LGD business listings

o   announcements or other topics of interest for the News/Events page – If you think it might be news- or announcement-worthy, let us see it!

o   verify email contact info – make contact with people from our membership list (200+ total)


Cultural District



INITIATIVES: administer the LGD Cultural District plan and reporting commitments to the State of Louisiana  •  promote the arts and arts-related businesses in the Lower Garden District  •  promote development of the cultural economy and the “entertainment corridor”  •  inform LGD residents about Cultural District historic rehabilitation tax credits

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Let us know about any and all cultural events in the neighborhood, take advantage of the tax credits, support LGD arts businesses…

Click here for information on the Cultural District program.


House Tour Committee



INITIATIVES: plan, promote, and host the annual House Tour (for the 36th time this year!) and arts market in Coliseum Square

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Help with planning and promotion (email all your family and friends!), design and/or produce promotional materials, research houses on the Tour, pick up litter in the Square and along the Tour route, sell or buy ads in the Tour book, work the ticket table, lead a tour…