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At its inception in 1972, Coliseum Square Association spearheaded the revival of the newly-coined ‘Lower Garden District’ by leading the fight against a Mississippi River Bridge ramp through the heart of the neighborhood, and by achieving National Register historic designation. In the ensuing years, CSA has worked diligently with the city to institute zoning guidelines that protect historic buildings and ensure appropriate new construction, and has been instrumental in the revitalization of Coliseum Square and other greenspaces, including construction and ongoing maintenance of a favorite neighborhood gathering place ~ the fountain.

"When I look back at the formation of the Coliseum Square Association, I truly believe it is the only neighborhood group in the city that consciously set out, from the very beginning, to bring about change."
Martha Ann Samuel CSA co-founder

A brief history of the Lower Garden District and Coliseum Square Association …

"There are no houses in the whole ‘Lower Garden District’ too dilapidated to reclaim.  It seems an ideal spot for a revival to take place …"
Samuel Wilson, Jr., fall 1962 founding president, Louisiana Landmarks Society, and originator of the “Lower Garden District” neighborhood title

Other historical information:

from PRC’s Preservation in Print, November 1994: “The Downing of the Camp Street Up Ramp: A Preservation Victory In the Lower Garden District” (3.6 MB)

from the National Trust’s Preservation News, July 1973: “Urban Pioneers – A Story of Restoration in the Inner City” (1.8 MB)