Lafon Fountain Restoration and Endowment

lafon-fountainThe Coliseum Square Association Parks Committee has embarking on a campaign to restore the Lafon Fountain and to create an endowment to ensure permanent funding for the maintenance of the fountains of the Lower Garden District.

The Fountain is located in Coliseum Square adjacent to Camp Street across the street from the International School of Louisiana.  It is named after historical figure Bartélemy Lafon, New Orleans based Creole architect, engineer, city planner and surveyor.  Lafon prepared the plans for the Lower Garden District, which included grand features such as tree-lined canals, fountains, churches, markets, a classical school and coliseum.  Most of the features were never realized, but the street grid pattern, street names, and park system are all attributable to Lafon’s grandiose plan. 

The Lafon Fountain was installed as a feature of the 1976 Master Plan for Coliseum Square Park; however, shortly after its installation in the early 1980s, the City discontinued the operation of all fountains in the City in an effort to curtail its expenses.  The fountain is one of three located within the Lower Garden District.  In addition to the Coliseum and Lafon Fountains, there is a smaller fountain in the neutral ground of Terpshicore Street (Parkerson Place).  Ultimately, the Coliseum Square Parks Committee wants to see all three fountains in operation, with the focus for 2014-2015 being the restoration of the Lafon Fountain.

After receiving estimates to replace or repair various fountain components to make it operational, we anticipate the fountain restoration will cost approximately $20,000.  Please join us in our endeavor to restore the Lafon Fountain and make your tax deductable donation today. 

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